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Apr 29
I'm a dude with a pussy (ftm/transman). Black, attractive, low hair, nice body, and masculine. Masculine in shape dudes only.
Apr 25
Yay on fleek
Apr 22
I wanna eat some pussy
Apr 22
Hello! I would like to chat with you. Add me to whatsapp so we can chat better 592 604 3105 I'm also on imo
Apr 9
anygirl down to make money link up
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Love a open minded freaky lady, sexual experiment ... more
Apr 13
I've never really had sex. I have Erectile Dysfun... more
Feb 19
I been in a relationship for 3 years. I used to pl... more
Jan 17
I love blk women to death can never change
Nov 28 '15
I honestly can't believe this site still exists. H... more
Nov 27 '15

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